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SPF First

Our products are free of harmful chemicals and toxins. We are providing a solution for travelers who are looking for sustainable and safe options for their skin. 


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About This Way

This Way carefully chooses all the people we work with and aim to make it one big family. All the products have been tested, tried, and cared for before being produced for you. We create high quality products so you only get the best of the best. 

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Our Visions


We use sustainable materials for our products. Such as BPA-free plastic, aluminium packaging and natural ingredients. All our tubes for our sunscreens are 100% recyclable and are ECO-CERT.

Cruelty free

We are against animal testing and our products have not been in contact with any of our furry friends. We keep it vegan.

High Quality

We create high quality luxury products so you only get the best of the best. We only work with small family owned manufacturers that we have a close relation with and visits often to make sure the quality and product is the best.

Suitable for Travels

We create travel products and guides for your journey to make it more smart and convenient. We are essentials to your travels and made to be used on and off-board.