This Way Gives

We strive to educate children around the world and to enhance the ability to travel around the world. Education is a fundamental resource all children around the world should have access to as well as traveling. Traveling makes people broaden their perspective in life and create bonds with new cultures and people. Our aim is to make traveling a human right!

This Way donates 5% of our revenue to charity. The past years we have donated more than 5% of our revenue to Gadens Børn Organisation. Gadens Børn is a non-profit organisation helping kids on the streets in Kolkata, India. They have built a healthy and safe place for the kids where they get an education, providing nutrition, books, teachers, school uniforms, clean water, and more.

It's founded by the incredible Danish woman Pia Lindell Qwist. Pia went to India with some friends and ended up changing her perspective of life. When she returned to Denmark from her trip she sold most of her belongings and established Gadens Børn. She could see how big of a difference she could make in India with her belongings. Then she raised money to establish a school in Kolkata to help kids get access to school, clean water, books, safe environment, school uniform, food etc. 

This is the second time we are raising funding for Gadens Børn. We believe that all kids in the world have the right to a safe environment, water, food, and school. When you purchase a bracelet made by the children at Gadens Børn, you support one child with one month of school education, nutrition, books, and water.

And thank you for all of you who have supported our charity. We would like to make a change in the world. And we know that even the small steps matters. If we all do something, together it will have a huge impact.