With a focus on immersive mindfulness, soul-nourishing movements, and unspoiled natural surroundings, these retreats are designed to be catalysts for profound personal growth and self-discovery.

Retreat 11-16th December 2024

Escape to the jungle in Costa Rica with Julie Pallesen on her "Heart & Mind Retreat journey". 6 days with movement through pilates and yoga and mindfulness practises through meditation and hike. Eat delicious home cooked food and stay in a luxury villa.

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Retreat 26-31st July 2024

Join Julie Pallesen's "Wilderness Wonder: Reconnect with your soul and body. 6 Day with Pilates, Yoga, Nature, and Sound in tropical settings, be guided through movements and sound and eat delicious local food.

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Retreat 1-6th March 2024

Join Julie Pallesen's "Unleash your inner flow Journey:" 5 Nights with Pilates, Surf, and Yoga in exotic settings, staying on the beach and eating delicious local food.

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Retreat 6-11th Feb. 2024

Julie Pallesen is co-hosting with Mindfulmoments (Lae) on this thoughtfully curated retreat 'A Wilderness Journey': mind, body, and spirit rejuvenation in nature’s embrace. Stay in a jungle playground and be guided through pilates, horseback riding, hikes and waterfalls, sound bath, and yoga.

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Retreat 14-19th July 2023

Join a 5 nights retreat guided by yoga and pilates teacher Julie Pallesen (This Way) and holistic therapist and energy healer Carla (Soul to sole wellbeing) on a journey with yoga, pilates, sound baths, meditation, energy work, and nourishing food in tropical surroundings.

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Retreat 28 Feb. - 5th March 2023

Join Shani Rom (R.O.M) and Julie Pallesen (This Way) in magical Santa Teresa on a transformative journey together.

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  • Delphine

    “What a treat it was to attend my dear Julie’s first retreat. Not only I am proud of what she accomplished but also it was for me the best way to connect both my body and my soul at a time in my life when it was much needed. Incredible location and such a lovely group of people from all over the world”

  • Gabriella

    "Shani and Julies yoga retreat in Santa Teresa ended up being one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. Having never done a retreat and only attending a few yoga classes in the past, I was a little nervous about not being advanced enough, but Julie and Shani looked after us all, ensuing everyone felt included and taken care of at all times. It felt like a family vacation. Besides the classes we did so many fun activities together outside the retreat and Shani and Julie cooked the most incredible food for us every day. Besides a calmer body and a clearer mind I left the retreat with many new friendships for life. I can’t wait to attend the next one!"

  • Ali

    Julie’s retreat was everything I needed and more! I went in with very little expectations besides strengthening my yoga practice but what I actually received was a strengthened relationship with myself. I released so much negative blockage that had been subconsciously weighing me down and left the retreat feeling renewed and restored. If you are thinking about going don’t hesitate just do it. Julie has the most beautiful soul and amazing energy that you just feel so good being in her presence while thriving in the jungle alongside the ocean.

  • Elsi

    "This retreat was the best gift I could have given to my body. Within the first 24 hours I could feel a shift in my energy. Each day included a different variation of activities dedicated to moving the body, increasing awareness in the present moment, and nurturing the mind.
    It was a perfect getaway to re-ground and re-center; I would definitely do it again.