Road trip in Yucatán - Valladolid and Merida

Road trip in Yucatán - Valladolid and Merida

Mexico has been on my bucket list for a while. And I really wanted to explore more authentic places to feel and see the Mexican culture. I decided to rent a car from Cancun airport and drive to Yucatan, to Valladolid and Merida.
I really fell in love with these two places. They have lots of culture to offer that you feel when walking around. Suddenly you scout a hidden Mexican restaurant with the mom making handmade tacos and its turns out to be the best tacos of your life. Also for me, a chili-picante-lover, it is heaven. They offer so many different kinds of chilies that wow, never seen anything like this. 
You see a lot of handcraft work which I was amazed by. They make soaps, honey, bags, leather good, ceramics, chocolate and more. I bought some souvenirs with me also :)
Here are some of my memories and favourite spots I would like share with you. 
First stop was Valladolid where I drove by and spend the day. 

Coqui Coqui Residence is amazing and definitely worth staying there or having lunch or just passing by their boutique. 

Coqui Coqui Valladolid
Second stop was Merida where I stayed for 3 nights: 
- Really delicious Italian restaurant. 
- Mexican funky restaurant with a big courtyard. Go for a drink. 


- My favourite restaurant. A cute Italian restaurant which is family owned and you just feel the warmness of the owners. On Sundays they have live music and its for sure a vibe. I went for Sunday lunch and had the best meal here. 

- a proper chocolate store and cafe. They make all their own chocolate that you can enjoy and buy. 

La Negrita 
La Negrita 
- a fun Mexican restaurant with live band. You feel very local going there and it is super fun. They have live bands at night where you can dance with your super XL size margarita. 
 Casa Chica
- Funky restaurant for all day. I went for brunch and it was delicious.  
Paseo montejo street is a Main Street where you will find a lot of the places I am mentioning below. 
Casa Tho
- cool concept store having 5 different stores inside. They also have a small bar and coffee shop inside. 

Kukul boutique 
- the cutest boutique who makes their own bags, sandals and more. 
There is a Sunday market at Plaza Grande 
Casa Lecanda Boutique hotel 
Casa Lecanda Boutique hotel 
Casa Lecanda Boutique hotel 
Casa Lecanda Boutique hotel 
- A boutique hotel that makes you feel like you go back in time. I loved this place and I stayed here. I never ate their breakfast as I always wanted to wake up and explore the town with breakfast elsewhere but the staff was very serviceminded and they have a nice bar to get a drink before going gout for dinner. 
Coqui Coqui Merida
-have several hotels in Mexico and they are all stunning. I went to visit this stunning place and its definitely worth a visit. 
Rosa y chocolate
- A high end stunning hotel on the main road. If you do not stay there go for brunch or lunch or dinner if you get the chance. 
Cafe Marago
A coffee shop on the Main Street. Serving great coffee. 
Café Riqueza
- a cool small unique coffee bar where you can choose your beans and even buy coffee beans and coffee machines. I love this place!
I hope you enjoyed my guide. 

XX and stay safe during your travels
Julie Pallesen
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