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This Way is currently raising money to help Gadens Børn.

Gadens Børn is a non-profit organisation helping kids on the streets in Kolkata, India. They have built a healthy and safe place for the kids where they get an education, providing nutrition, books, teachers, school uniforms, clean water, and more. We would like to help get more children into school, as we believe education is a human right.

When you purchase a bracelet made by the children at Gadens Børn, you support one child with one month of school education, nutrition, books, and water. 




We want to create a change in the world and we believe that all movements matters.



We strive to educate children around the world and to enhance the ability to travel around the world. Education is a fundamental resource all children around the world should have access to as well as traveling. Traveling makes people broaden their perspective in life and create bonds with new cultures and people. Our aim is to make traveling a human right!

Previous charity: In 2018 This Way did their first charity project for Gadens Børn. In collaboration with Just Female, This Way designed t-shirts which were dedicated to Gadens Børn. This charity project got 50 kids to school for 1 year including uniforms, food, water, books, extended the school, teachers, and more.


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