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What to do at home during corona virus lockdown

We are going through the most insane and unpredictable times of our lives! Everything now is about Corona Virus and how we can survive this World Wide pandemic.
Thousands of people have already died and the only thing the countries have commonly asked people to do, is to stay home. Social distancing is the new trend and we need to respect that in order not to transmit corona virus more.
The most scary part of corona virus is that a person can transmit the virus without knowing having it. Some people have severe flu and die from corona and other people do not have any symptoms. This I find very scary together with the highly rising numbers of confirmed corona cases!!!

I advise you to stay inside like I am doing myself. I only go out to walk my dog. During these walks I have not contact or sight of any people and I walk around the same blocks next to my house.
And the other time I walk out of my door is to buy groceries. I apply hand sanitizer all the time and try not to touch my face.
I see so many people with gloves touching their face without being consciously aware of it.
Be careful and be safe!

I wanted to make this post to really emphasise on the importance of staying home and also share with you what I am doing at home 🙂
Instead of letting time fly with Netflix and work (if you work). Then I think we should try and focus on spending our time more meaningful. Something that will give us value to life now and later on.

Don’t you have a thing that you have told yourself that you always wanted to do when you have the time??
For me, that thing was to learn write Hebrew. I speak the language fluently but I have never learned to read or write.
I have wanted for so many years to learn this but I have never taken the time to REALLY do it.
But isolation made me do it.
I practice Hebrew online 1-2 hours a day. And I have done it for one week now.
I am proud of doing it (and still embarrassed over the fact that it has taken me so long to actually do it). But better later than never!

Also, I love to cook. But cooking is another thing that I do not do if I feel like I do not have the time for it. It is easy to order in or to go out for dinner with friends and be social.
Now I cook everyday; from bread, cakes, pasta, burger, and more. I love being in the kitchen and I find it very therapeutic.
I like to find recipes online which I use as inspiration and then I do my own interpretation of the meal. Also, I do never measure anything. I don’t even owe a measurement tool so everything is with the eye. haha.

Also, I meditate. This was on my New Year resolution list for 2020. I have practised meditation before but never incorporated into my everyday life.
Due to corona virus there is no excuse and I do longer meditations than before. Now I do between 15-30 minutes whereas before they were between 10-20 min.

Also, I do online workouts. I did not thought that I would be this much into online workouts as I am now. I like to go to physical classes and feel other peoples energy in the studio so I rejected the first couple of online classes that my trainers invited me to. But after realising that it might take a while before I have the access to a physical studio I gave in. And now I do an online class every day. I do either a pilates or yoga class. I find the cardio and boxing training difficult to do at home.
But I can highly recommend online workout classes. You use your webcam so the teacher can still see you and correct you and you cannot hide so you give your best effort.

Also, I read books. I have always loved to read (since I graduated from university). During my university time I had absolutely no time for other books than school books.
I always have a book with me that I before isolation would read on planes, other transpiration, waiting times during castings and work, and on holidays. But now I allocate 10-30 minutes everyday to read a book.

Also, FaceTime friends. Staying in touch with friends is vital for me during these times. I am a very social person and I have friends all over the world.
Due to corona we are all inside and in the same position and have time to speak. Everyday I FaceTime some friends so I feel like I am not the only one in the world getting crazy. It makes a big difference video calling then audio calling for me. To see faces, facial expressions, and smiles makes me feel much closer to my friends than I actually am. Also, I speak to my mother and brother everyday as I am not with them and I miss them so so so much.

I am grateful for my health.
I am grateful for my family and friends.
I am grateful for everything I have accomplished.
I am grateful for sharing this with you.
I am wishing you all a good health and stay safe.

xx and with Love
Julie Pallesen
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