Julie Pallesen´s guide to Tel Aviv

Julie Pallesen´s guide to Tel Aviv

I love this vibrant city where everything is available all the time. You can eat frozen yoghurt or israelí breakfast at 2AM. This beach city never sleeps. 


Vibey restaurants to go out with friends: 

  • Cafe Europa 
  • Port said 
  • Kab kam 
  • North abrexses 

Date restaurants: 

  • Shila 
  • Hotel Montefiore 
  • Santa Catarina 
  • Dallal 
  • Beccafico

Fine Dining: 

- Hiba 


Coffee spots: 

  • the coffee stand on Ben yehuda / Ben Gurion is always a vibe 
  • House of coffee 


  • Tamara 

Best street food: 

  • Hakosem 
  • Frishman falafel and/or Sabich 


Areas to explore for shopping: 

Neze Tsedek - a charming area to explore 

Visit Loulouroma store - coolest flower and interior store in town. 

Shuk Hacarmel - explore the shuk with all the spices and food and Israeli items as souvenirs from your trip 

Tel Aviv Museum of Art - Go and check out the newest exhibition. 

Go to the beach for a walk or sunset. 


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