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Babington House - Countryside in England

Do you sometimes get a little bit tired of the heavy traffic, busyness, and pace of the city life?
Well, my answer is yes. Just sometimes. As much as I love the tempo of the hectic and inspirational city life I also enjoy getting out and relax.
There are a lot of amazing country side get-aways in England. If you are in London it can take between 1-3 hours to get to somewhere quite and idyllic where you forget about the busy city life of London.

I have been to Farmhouse (link to post here) and Babington House. I am currently in Babington house, which is a 2,5 hour drive from central London.
Babington House is located in Babington (funny enough) which is close to Bath and Frome.
Soho House Group is are the owners behind Babington House which is a intimate countryside house and equipped with everything you need. A restaurant, bar, gym, spa, tennis courts and more and located in a forrest and next to a little lake.

When you are here, you listen to the sounds of birds and smell the cows. You feel like you are so far away from the city life and I am always so amazed by the nature out here.

I usually like to go for one of two nights and I come with the aim of relaxing. Slowing down the pace and connect to your body in a new and deeper way. I walk in nature, have a massage, sleep longer, and breathe slower.

For many people, including myself, we live lifes where a lot are expected from us and we are hard working ambitious people who cannot leave the phone for more than five minutes. Doing these kind of get-aways or retreats are beneficially for the body and mind.

Below are pictures from my stay at Babington House.



I am ready to go back to the city...

See you soon!

xx and Safe Travels
Julie Pallesen


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