Barcelona City Guide 2016 - This Way

Barcelona City Guide 2016

After spending 6 weeks in Barcelona during summer 2016 I have made a Barcelona City Guide where I recommend the places that I have seen, tried, eaten, and explored. Barcelona offers many different cultural attractions as well as gastronomic experiences. Furthermore the city has a beach vibe and chillaxed mood, which I love. I wore heels very rare and my flat sandals and short easy dresses were my uniform. Below are my city guide spots and the picture above is of the beautiful "Arc de Triomf" which is next to the lovely parc, "Parc de la Ciutadella".

// Sagrada Familia

//  Montjuïc Cable Car is a gondola lift in Barcelona, which takes you up to the Montjuïc castle.

//  Montjuïc Cable Car

// Tickets

The restaurant that is very challenging to get a reservation at and after trying it, I understand why. The food is exquisite!! I have never tried Spanish food in this way. I will do everything to come back to this place

// Tickets with my girl, Julie Zangenberg. 

// Tickets - oyster course

// Ninjo Viejo A Mexican restaurant owned by the same guys behind Tickets restaurant. Ninjo Viejo is absolutely amazing; the food is so tasty and their "casa Margarita" cocktail is a must.

// Ninjo Viejo Mexican feast

// Flax and Kale

If you are into the healthy trend like I am, Flax and Kale is the place to go. They serve delicious breakfast and lunch. All their plates looks colourful and your eyes want to eat everything.


//Flax and Kale serves coffee's with coconut milk, which I became a huge fan of.

IMG 5902

//Flax and Kale weekend brunch looks like this..



// Me in action at Flax and Kale

// Flax and Kale acai bowl

// Flax and Kale - espresso macchiato with coconut milk.... one more please

// Flax and Kale makes cold pressed juices available to take-away. I always bought one for my way out... 

// El Nacional Barcelona Located in the heart of Barcelona is El Nacional, which is a huge restaurant with different areas serving traditional Spanish food. 

// El Nacional Barcelona restroom deserved a photo

// Boca Grande  Is my absolute favourite restaurant in Barcelona. Boca Grande served traditional Spanish food; everything from tapas to paella etc. The atmosphere in this restaurant is sublime and I went to this restaurant every week with new friends because I wanted them all to experience this. I have been to this place five years ago, which was my first time and every time I go to Barcelona I always stop by Boca Grande.

// Boca Grande also served amazing desserts. The waiter will come out with all the dessert from you to choose from and I always choose too many.. 

// Casa Lolea

Casa Lolea is another cute Catalonian restaurant. It is a small place but always packed. I randomly came by this place and I could not get a table the first three times, which just made me wanting even more to come to this place. However I went three time during my stay and the food is good and their homemade sangria is top!

When you find out that your outfit matches the gas station...

// Renting a scooter is a must for me and so fun. It is the best way to explore the city.


// El Born Is my favourite area in Barcelona. El Born has many cafés, live music and great ice cream bars. 

// Gaudi Museum on Passeig de Gracia

I did some hiking in the mountains... or maybe the scooter took me all the way and then I jumped of for one nice picture.

// Royal Boxing Club Barcelona

I went kickboxing with a cool group of Spanish people twice a week. Here is my trainer Ruben who kicked my ass in every class but he allowed me to hit him for this one picture.

/// Surf House Barceloneta has many cafes but I preferred Surf House who serves acai bowls, salads, and tasty coffee.

// Barceloneta

My sun essentials for the beach is my Yves Rocher sun screens, book, and my juice from Flax and Kale.

I hope you can use my guide for some tips about where to go for your next trip to Barcelona. And if you are looking for a place to stay check out HotelsCombined  to get the best accommodation deals.   xx Julie and her coconut ice creams and a big smile

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