Bonjour Mègeve - This Way

Bonjour Mègeve

This Way goes to Mègeve, France. 

My next and last stop on my ski journey is Mègeve in France.

In Mègeve I spended my days skiing together with lots of cosy dinners and wine (in plularis.) It was my fist time in Mègeve and I absolutely fell in love with the place. Plus it is not a secret that I looooove everything about France!


Below are snaps of my journey in Mègeve.




L'Alpette is a totally french-cosy-style restaurant. They have great food and an amazing dessert buffet with all cakes you can image...



I look quite comfortable in the ski lift...

In the city center of Mègeve is there no entering of cars only rides in horse-drawn carriages is possible. That is too cute!!!

Last breakfast in the french-wooden chalet before heading the airport. The place looks like a fairytale - or at least that was how I felt while being there... 


Au revoir Mègeve - It is now time to get back to Copenhagen and to my studies at Copenhagen Business School.


See you on the other side


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