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Club 55 in St. Tropez

I am currently in St. Tropez with a big group of friends and enjoying my holiday. The weather is amazing, the vibe is fantastic, and the food is delicious.

During my time here I am exploring all the different restaurants in St. Tropez. A lot of the restaurants are hidden, so you need to know exactly where to go. Some of the restaurants are in a garden, some on top of a hill and then you have the sea view, and some are in the charming old town, and some on the beach.

BUT, my old time favorite place to go for lunch is Club 55. This place is iconic and there is something magical about this place that cannot be described in words.

The place is next to the beach and just sit under trees with light blue cushions. The staff is super and all of them have worked there for many many years.

What to eat? They are famous for their crudité- which is a basket of vegetables, where hard boiled eggs and a house made sauce comes on the side. Then you dip the different vegetables in the dip. This is super healthy but super tasty.

Moreover, their artichaud, is amazing. It also comes very simple and with a sauce.

Furthermore, they have amazing fish (sole and modules are my favorites) and steak tartar.

For dessert, they offer their famous “tarte tropezienne” which is a dream and a must to try!

I come here often and I love this place!

My happy place!! 

Julie Pallesen in St. Tropez

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