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Marrakech City Guide

My cultural and luxurious vacation to Marrakech has provided me with tips about where to go and explore in Marrakech. So if you have ever considered traveling to Marrakech or are just curious to find out, what you can expect - here is my Marrakech City Guide:   First of all Marrakech is located in Morocco in Africa, which means the weather is pretty much warm all year around. I went in the beginning of April and the weather was about 24 celsius degrees, which was perfect. It was not too warm to be active and do stuff and at the same time not too cold so you could not lie by the pool and tan. I have been told that Marrakech in July and August is way too hot so if you have to opportunity to go to Marrakech in March-May or in September-November, I think that is the best period to go there. Regarding hotels, I stayed at the wonderful Four Seasons Resort (read more about the hotel here), which was a dream! The hotel is luxurious to the next level and you feel that you are in a little closed paradise away form everything!

Four Seasons Marrakech

Four Seasons Marrakech

Outstanding Breakfast at the Four Seasons

Jacuzzi time at the Four Seasons


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Another amazing hotel is the Royal Mansour Palace. I went to explore the hotel in the evening and enjoyed a drink at the fireplace.

Royal Mansour

Palais Jad Mahal

Is a trendy and vibrant restaurant with traditional Moroccan cuisine. There is both live music, belly dancers and show. I loved this place as a fun night out.  


Bahia Palace

Is a cultural must-see in the Medina. Bahia Palace was built in the late 19th century, intended to be the greatest palace of its time. It was intended to capture the essence of the Islamic and Moroccan style. The palace is beautiful and colorful.


Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace

Another cultural must see in the Medina is "Medersa Ben Youssef", which was a boy boarding school for all the most intelligents kids in Morocco.The building is a like an old palace and a true must see.  

Just outside the Ben Yousef Building is the lovely spice market, where I went to buy a lot of spices and tea.

Spice Market

Inside the spice market

In the Medina I went to a beautiful Riad with carpets in all colors and materials.

Carpet hunt


The Souk in the Medina is must to see. But be patient because of the many people and ALWAYS bargain the price - make it like a game because the first price they say is never the cheapest and they really want to sell. Buy tea pots, tea glasses, interior pieces, carpets, dried fruit, and much much more. 

The Souk Marrakech


Nomad Marrakech 

I went to Nomad Restaurant during lunch when I was in the Medina. I went to the souk with a guide so he could show me and my friend and the interesting places and explain to us the history of the Medina. The Nomad restaurant can be quite tricky to find as it is in the Medina.. But it is worth trying to find. The food is delicious and you can enjoy your lunch or dinner on the terrace with a view of the city.

Nomad Marrakech 

Nomad Marrakech view

Nomad Marrakech Lunch


Espresso time at Nomad

La Mamounia Hotel

Is a wonderful luxurious hotel. I went for a drink in the evening and was sitting in the library bar while live music was playing. This place was really cool, chic and romantic at the same time.

Remember to take a walk in the beautiful garden at the La Mamounia.


La Mamounia Marrakech

La Mamounia

Le Comptoir

Is another vibrant restaurant like Jad Mahal. The food is delicious and from the traditional moroccan cuisine. They have live music with belly dancers, which is so fun and makes the whole restaurant have a party while dinning. The have a lounge/bar area upstairs. I went for dinner on the ground floor and then afterwards I went upstairs to enjoy the lounge.

Quad Biking in the desert

If you like adventure like me, quad biking in the desert is a must. The Four Seasons Hotel, which I stayed at arranged a guide to pick me and my friend up at the hotel and then he drove us about 30 min. outside of Marrakech so it was not the real desert like I have tried in Nevada desert for Burning Man festival but it was kind of desert. Because I did a half day trip we did not go so far out of Marrakech but if you do a whole day or two day trip you get to the real Moroccan desert. However, this quad buskin trip was so so fun.

We got these big jackets and pants to wear outside our own clothes and a big helmet and then we were ready to go. My friend and I had one guide who we had to follow during the whole time. We told him from the beginning that we like speed so he drove fast! We went for a four hour quad biking ride with two small stops on our way. The first stop was in a small village where he gave us some water to drink and then we could take some pictures. The second stop was inside a village where a Moroccan family welcomed us with moroccan crepes and Moroccan mint tea. On our quad biking journey we saw animals, small villages which looked like belonged in the 17th century, kids, shepherds etc. It was an amazing experience to explore another side of Morocco and even more fun on quad bikes!

My friend, Mia and I in our quad bike gear!

Our second stop in the village with animals....

Delicious moroccan crepes with honey

Jardín Majorelle - Yves Saint Laurent Garden

This garden is absolutely a must see!! The beautiful cactus garden where you see all shapes of cactus. The collections of cactus, exotic plants and trees are landscaped to emphasize each one?s unique beauty. The  architectural style of the villa-studio, now transformed into a museum, is set off by vibrant colours dominated by its ?Majorelle blue?.

Yves Saint Laurent discovered the garden in 1966 and spent a lot of time in the garden. Yves Saint Laurent  find an unlimited source of inspiration in the Jardin Majorelle, and that he dreamt many times about its unique colors. Yves Saint Laurents memorial is also is the garden. There is a monument to the memory of Yves Saint Laurent, who died on June 1, 2008.


Jardin Majorelle

Yves Saint Laurent Memorial

I enjoyed exploring Marrakech and cannot wait to come back another time and discover more amazing places that I can share with you! I hope you will enjoy my tips and have a fabulous time in Marrakech!   xx Julie Pallesen

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