NYC Coffee spots - This Way

NYC Coffee spots

I have been exploring New York 3 times this year for fashion week and modeling purposes. Furthermore I have had time to explore the coffee market in the big city. You know how addicted I am to coffee and enjoy a good espresso as much as chocolate or another indulgence. On my journeys to New York I have discovered great coffee places which I would like to share with you. See below:

Perfect morning espresso and avocado on toast with poached eggs at the restaurant at 11 Howard Hotel

Espresso at Butcher's Daughter

Getting japanese coffee, Matcha latte on almond milk at Cha Cha Matcha

La Colombe serves delicious coffee  - here with a espresso machiato with almond milk. La Colombe has several cafés in the Big Apple. 

11 Howard Hotel - café on the first floor serves tasty coffee 

Soho House New York - Sunday brunching with my americano coffee, which is my second coffee after my first espresso. Also, I am bringing my vitamins from VITAVIVA

On-the-go with a coffee from the cute coffee shop on Howard Street, Smile To Go.   xx Julie Pallesen and her coffee addiction

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