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Surfing in St. Barth

Okay, no that is not me. In my dreams it is but I have to be honest with you guys, so no.. no no no... one day hopefully! But I really enjoy this water sport because it is challenging, cool, and with speed. I started surfing 3 years ago in Israel and have since been to Biarritz, Costa Rica (click here), and St. Barth. I have maybe been surfing during 8 trips in total so it is not like I am a pro at all. I am honestly not good but I enjoy it. Especially if you do it with a group or with a friend. It is a fun activity to do together. You are paddling a lot of the time in the ocean in beautiful exotic surroundings and trying to catch some waves. It took me quite some time to get up on the surf board and to catch a wave so be patient if you are new. If you are a beginner then hire a private teacher or join a small group - do not go out alone, it will not be pleasent. So after the first 10 waves that you did not catch, then you suddenly catch a wave and you get so high that you forget all the attempts you failed. So hope it out there and you will enjoy it when you catch that wave - I promise you. I have just been to St. Barth where I was surfing and below is my proof. There are 3 videos where I catch the wave. The videos are taken with a Go Pro camera. And please notice my crazy hair... it's wild... haha...

St. Barth surf house in Lorient

[vidcore vid="psU5LRsK"]

1. attempt

[vidcore vid="Lo9CAdAx"]


[vidcore vid="pcjDK7yc"]

3. attempt... the hair is insane...

[vidcore vid="SyKxuhFs"]

4. attempt (which actually was my 1. attempt) where I did not get up on my board.  

You feel strong, satisfied, and refreshed after 90 min. in the water surfing.   xx Julie Pallesen and her surfing

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