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Top Restaurants in London for the fancy nights

China Tang
- The best Chinese restaurant in town.
The restaurant is located at the Dorchester Hotel but

a separate entrance. The restaurant is nice and the bar is cool.


- One of the best Japanese restaurants in London
. I have some favourite dishes that I always order and their drinks and desserts are super as well.

Il Baretto
-  A lovely Italian restaurant in Marylebone

a charming Italian restaurant in Chelsea.

Isabel's -
is a fancy restaurant in Mayfair which has cool "Blue Bar" on the lower ground floor. 

- Serving Peruvian delicious food. 

La Petite Maison 

- A luxury French bistro in Mayfair London 

- the tiniest restaurant in London which is a part of the charm. The restaurant is serving tasty Italian food and then they also serve this Cobb salad (on the picture below) which is insanely delicious!

Casa Cruz 
- Argentinan inspired cuisine where everything on the menu is tasty! 


- A michelin Indian restaurant serving all your favourite Indian courses. 

- A vibrant Italian restaurant which is perfect for both lunch and dinner. 

I hope you got an appetite to explore London!


xx and Safe Travels 
Julie Pallesen





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