Tulum Guide 2021

Tulum Guide 2021

I needed some sun and vitamin D and one of the places I could travel to was Mexico. 
I know there are a lot of different opinions about traveling in these strange times but in my opinion as long as we try to stay as safe and do regular COVID-tests then there is no more we can do. It has been a lot of months in lockdown and I have reached a point where I need to get out and see and feel the world. 

Tulum, Mexico was one of the places I wanted to visit. It is a destination that has been on my list for a long time. 
Finally I made it happen. I went for 5 days of exploration. 
The place is a true boho chic luxury town with lots of charm and soul. Tulum is one long beach stretch and with some small towns. It is easy to navigate as there is only one road. 
The are hotels and beach club on the beach and on the road you have a lot of cute shops, restaurants, and bars. 
This is my guide to my favourite places which are all stunning but also a bit pricy. I arrived with the mindset of enjoying life and not looking at prices for 5 days.  
Habitas Tulum is a super cool, rustic, and sustainable hotel that is located in the middle of nature and to the beach. 
It is a bit secluded and off the main district. 
The rooms are tents (super nice and well-equipped tents). My tent had outdoor shower and toilet which was amazing. Sometimes it would be raining while I would take a shower which was magical. 

The hotel has yoga every morning for the hotel guests which I made great use of and the yoga teachers were amazing. 
The kitchen is healthy and tasty and serves everything from green smoothies to beef tacos and yummy salads. They have their own little coffee truck which I of course fell in love with. 
Habitas room
This Way sunscreen essentials 
Casa Malca is another amazing hotel and probably the most luxurious and expensive of all the hotels in Tulum. 
I went to chill at their beach and have lunch which was incredible. Their sushi is tasty and worth every Mexican pesos spent. 

Sushi at Casa Malca
Casa Malca
Next to Casa Malca are two other amazing hotels; Nomade and Be Tulum. They are both incredible and definitely worth visiting. Come for morning yoga, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 
I recommend lunch, and to try their fish tacos which are so tasty!. 
Be Tulum
Every time I travel somewhere I also want to try something local, besides their local food, and in Mexico they have a treatment called "Temescal". It is a type of sweat lodge and takes around 2-3 hours. 

The one road in Tulum is long and you can bike around but I also like to explore by feet. I walked the stretch several times and spotted a lot of cute stores. 
You can find a lot of bikini stores, boho clothing stores, hat stores, and more. 
One of my favourite stores I found was a cute Acai bowl place, WaiAcai that sells sustainable brands too where you can shop sunglasses, beach items, and more. 
I hope you got some Vitamin D through this post and some tips for your trip to Tulum :)
Julie Pallesen 
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