Visiting Banyan Tree hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand - This Way

Visiting Banyan Tree hotel in Koh Samui, Thailand

I spent 3 amazing days at the luxurious Hotel, Banyan Tree Samui in Thailand. 

I flew in from Phuket to Koh Samui, the journey was very short, only 40 min. by airplane. 

When we arrived in Samui airport, a driver from Banyan Tree Hotel picked me and my girlfriend and drove us to the hotel. 

The hotel is located in a bay overlooking the sapphire waters of scenic Lamai Bay, on a private hill cove in the south-eastern coast of Koh Samui, Thailand, just 19km away from Samui International Airport. The shape of the resort is like a big C-shape. We arrived to the lobby where we got a fruity welcome drink and an orientation about the offers of the hotel. The hotel has a stunning spa, fitness, 3 restaurants, multiple pool areas and a stunning beach surrounded by skinny palm trees.

Banyan Tree Samui offers only villas and has 88 villas in total. Every villa has an allocated private butler available 24 hours. Our butler was Patrick, who drove us from the lobby up to our stunning two-bedroom villa with private pool and view over the beach. I was completely speechless when I stepped into our villa - the view, the air, the villa, everything was paradise.

Patrick gave us a lotus flower, told us to make a wish and put the flower in the pool. This is a Thai tradition, a beautiful custom.

The way you get around in the complex is with a little electronic car, so you need to call your butler and he will send somebody to come and pick you up. Our villa was the last villa on the bay, so we could definitely not walk around and luckily enough the car journeys are super fun. 

Banyan Tree are known for having delicious restaurants and I can, with great confidence, confirm this statement.
Saffron is the name of the Thai restaurant at the Banyan Tree. It offered heavenly delicious Thai food. I also wanted to try something new, so I went for the selection of Thai appetizers and I shared two different main courses as well. Everything was heavenly and the staff makes an effort to give you a great experience you won’t forget. 

Fitness and spa:
I like to stay active, always. The Banyan Tree had a full equipped gym and they also offered gym classes. I love and do a lot of yoga so I borrowed a yoga mat and I could practice outside, it was amazing!

Moreover, the hotel has a beautiful spa offering various treatments, I tried their “Rain Forrest Experience” which was very catchy. The Rain Forrest Experience is a 60 min. guided rain, massage, heat, and steam experience. I was wearing my swimwear and then we explored a circuit of over 10 hydrothermal cabins, which was guided by a spa therapist. The first is a narrow path filled with stones on the ground that you walked on, followed by a waterfall with first cold water, then hot and then cold again so it completely cleans your body. Then you get into another open room, where water hits your back and lower back very hard. It felt like I had a massage and a refreshment at the same time. Then you enter a steam room for 5-10 min. Next, there were different massaging jets in the pool: one for the head and shoulder, another one for the back and legs. The whole experience ends with you lying on a stone bed with a heated towel. This was absolutely amazing. After these 60 minutes I felt refreshed but my body felt tired as it is still working on the inside and letting go of all toxins.
I have tried a lot of different spa treatments with different saunas, steams, etc. and I have always felt a bit lost, as I never know which one to do first, and for how long time to stay in the rooms to get the most benefits. So this Rain Forrest experience was amazing as I was being guided throughout the whole treatment so I did not need to think, just do as told. 


The Banyan Tree Samui Hotel has everything you can imagine and you can get it exactly how you want it. Even the bed sheet was optional as you could choose between 4 different bed linen materials, 7 different pillows, and 8 different scents that will be sprayed on the bed linen at turn-down service (the second time the villa gets cleaned a day).
This is a top-notch, luxurious place where you can stay for two nights or 2 weeks without getting bored. This is a dream place!

Below are pictures form my stay at The Banyan Tree Samui. 




My Sunday's are best in a bath tub

My beauty products from Nimue Skincare to protect my skin after a day in the sun


Thank you for this wonderful stay, Banyan Tree Samui. I hope to come back soon again.


Now I am ready for my next adventure.


xx and Safe Travel

Julie Pallesen





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