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Water sport activities in British Virgin Islands

When I am on vacation I love to do activities, I am not the kind of person who can lay down tanning the whole day. I need to be a bit active, if not, then I get restless. And what kind of activities can you do when you are on a boat for ten days? - sports activities! Luckily the sailing yacht we were on was well-equipped with all different kinds of water sports activities. We could do;  jetski, sea bob, wakeboard, wakesurf, paddle board, snogling and diving. I tried everything, but especially I enjoyed the jetski, wakeboard, and wakesurf - I love everything with speed. Firstly, it did not take me long to figure out that it is quite beneficial to wear a bathing suit, if you do not want to flash your white ass. Every time you get dragged up from the water on wakeboard it is very likely that your panties will not get up with your ass. After a couple of accidents I decided to go with a bathing suit, which is much more comfortable and practical (see picture below). My marine blue bathing suit from Tommy Hilfiger, which was my uniform during all water sports activities. I have gathered pictures from the different water sports activities and one video where I wake surfing. 8a9a5c85-439e-429b-a659-15c35fe119b0

My Tommy Hilfiger bathing suit uniform

ff05da33-1851-4122-99fb-ecc32e5ede60 [vidcore vid="fHGN5BRB"]

//Wake surf video


//Wake surf


// Me on paddle board and my girlfriend on the jetskiimg_2585 img_2587 img_2578

//Jetski   img_2579

img_2581 img_2574

// sea bob img_2576   img_2573

969727ad-32a6-4108-8778-ad7c9f968d77 0b7e3e4a-5c1d-4a7a-b10c-ff9bc85803bc Swimming essentials: Sunscreen, sunglasses, Tommy Hilfiger beach bag, and bathing top.  af2d5c82-c954-4ca3-9f9f-b0acbb3b5c44 767249b7-e1b8-42ed-81d5-54562780c018 Get water sports active with me.   xx Julie Pallesen  

--- This is a post made in collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger---

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